Create A Stunning Website With Webydo

Broadly speaking there are two methods to create a website.

One – Choose a default template and then customize and tweak it as per your requirements.

Two – Hire a designer and get a picture of your site designed in Photoshop. Then hire a developer and get that picture converted into code which you can then use to make your site go live.

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eCommerce Accessories for an Outdoor Market

Outdoor markets are incredibly popular attractions in many cities around the country. On any given Saturday or Sunday, you are likely to find some type of outdoor crafts or arts market or a farmers’ market in many cities. These markets are usually full of people who have come to purchase all different types of goods and products. If you want to take advantage of this market by selling your own products at an outdoor market, there are a couple of very helpful e-commerce accessories that can boost your business and make things easier on both you and your customers.

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Buttons Styles on Mobile Websites, Is That a Big Deal?

Despite the focus on minimalism in mobile sites, buttons remain an essential part of your web design. However, if they are not constructed properly, buttons can quickly slow down loading times and make a streamlined website clunky. Here are some tips for making your mobile website buttons better.

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Planning Your Inventory Management System

For some, the thought of implementing inventory management system can be a hassle despite the benefits it entails. In some cases, businesses will wait until the last possible moment to even begin the search. With the right planning ahead of time and understanding what you want and need, you can relieve the anxiety of the process and help integration go much smoother.

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Flat UI Pro Giveaway – $69 Multi Element User Interfact Kit by DesignModo

This time, we have collaborated with Designmodo to give away Flat UI PSD and HTML files to our readers. Participate in the contest and three lucky winners will get one UI each costing $69.

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Webydo Giveaway – Grab Yearly Premium Accounts For Free

Great team at teamed up with us to offer $94.80 yearly premium account for free. 2 Lucky winners can grab one each.

Everybody seems to have a website nowadays. Microsoft has one, your local cafe has one and even the person who lives down the lane and writes on Saturdays owns a book blog. Hundreds of tools and services have made creating and operating a website a breeze.

Though there are millions of websites out there but unfortunately only handful of them have a decent design. Probably the main reason is that most bloggers and website owners lack the necessary coding skills to design a website.

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25 Best DJ’s Business Card Designs

Having a business card is as necessary as having a mobile phone or tab now a days. The last question you get from anybody at any meeting is "Can i have your business card?", its not just to network but to build branding and business around your network. Be a plumber or DJ, having business card is necessary and useful to grow business. Most importantly having an eye catchy can do wonders, that allows people to dig in detail about yourself and your business. Isn't that cool to recognize you by your business card design? So here design and printing both plays the major role. First thing your designer should do wonders to make an wonderful design. Then comes the business card printing company's job, be cautious choosing one for you. Paper quality, printing quality, everything matters here to get the out come.

We gathered 25 best DJ business cards for your reference.

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You can save your files on your computer or any other data storage device but did you know you can also store them online? Online storage possesses many advantages over offline storage such as you can access your files from any place with an Internet connection, you don’t need to keep a track of your storage devices and the storage will occupy no space in your home.

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Cashing In Online: An Overview of Bank Websites

I was visiting my online bank accounts the other day and I came up with the idea of exploring some of the popular bank websites from around the world.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t deposit their cash and savings in a bank? (Unless you still believe in hiding it under your mattress!)

While I was researching this article, I was becoming more and more frustrated as there are simply so few bank website designs that can compare with their earning status.
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25 Inspirational Nature Vector Elements

Spectacular natural beauty inspires us in many ways in different aspects of our day to day life starting from clothes, shoes to other type of accessories. Nature is also one of the favorite subjects of the photographers and the web designers as they can experiment a lot with these particular background theme.

Since the nature inspired website design are extremely colorful and attractive, more and more webmasters are inclined towards developing this particular genre of design for their website and the vector graphic technique is also becoming extremely popular among the designers. Vector graphics are extremely helpful for creating nature inspired website design.

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