40 Sea Scape Photography Examples

Photography can be a great inspiration for any artist, and this is true when the subject is in nature. Many colors, beautiful natural materials and perfect compositions can provide much inspiration. So for this collection, the focus is on the sea.

Seascape photography is a world of new experiments and experiences that vary depending on their location and nature around them i.e., with ever changing landscape, light and mood. Seascape photographers records places all over the world. In the photographs of the following seascape you can see different photos of the sea and I hope you enjoy.

1. Turimetta

My vision for this website is to build a wonderful repository of knowledge that both experienced and new photographers find useful.  The beauty of knowledge is that I can share it with everyone without worrying about losing it.  In fact I usually find it’s the opposite… the more knowledge I share, the more people seem to share with me-Brent Pearson


2. Blue Lagoon

Can I ever get enough of Jelly Fish....NO, simple answer aye. Hope you love it too because they are my highlight in the bay area-By Garry.


3. Porth Nanven

Stephen sellman is a general digital photographer from united kingdom.


4. Ash Cloud

I took some sunset images on 15th April this year, the day after the Icelandic volcano erupted. Now I've had a proper look at them I wonder whether this sky is the result of the ash cloud-By Tony Arm strong.


5. Durdle Door-Dorset

This photo was taken on March 8, 2010 using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.


6. Passing Strom

This image was taken a few minutes after the one below as the rainclouds moved away.St.Michael's Mount looks dark and moody as the storm passes behind it.


7. Maheno spirit

Built in Dumbarton, Scotland in 1905 the Maheno was a 5282 ton triple screw turbine steamer. She served as a luxury liner, accommodating 254 first class and 201 second class passengers and was converted to a hospital ship During World War I.


8. Penmon Point Lighthouse

This is a beautiful if not eerie atmospheric location at the eastern tip of Anglesey. The silence is broken every 30 sec by the toll of a bell warning ships of there fate in foggy conditions. The lighthouse was built following a major loss of life, on 17 August 1831, when an old steamer, 'The Rothsay Castle', ran aground and broke up on or near Puffin Island taking the lives of 117 passengers and crew with it.


9. Receding

This is from my first time down the rugged west coast of Tassie. A very early start watching out for wild cattle, dead seals and rogue waves, and had to use the self timer as my remote hadnt turned up. This is near the mouth of the Nelson River and the dark sea water is the result of tannin entering.


10. Seascape with windmill

Cycladic seascape with windmill. Aegiali, Cyclades. Greece.


11. The Coast


12. Old Jetty

Long exposure of an old Jetty at Manning Point, New South Wales, Australia.

13. In Your Face

In Your Face….literally!  You know how they say you should always pay attention to everything around you while taking the shot.  I must have missed that memo!!  Got me right in the face, then swamped me up to my knees even though I was high on the beach.


14. Sturdy-Tree


15. Serg Degtyarev-Landscapes


16. Splash

My vision for this website is to build a wonderful repository of knowledge that both experienced and new photographers find useful.  The beauty of knowledge is that I can share it with everyone without worrying about losing it.  In fact I usually find it’s the opposite… the more knowledge I share, the more people seem to share with me-Brent Pearson


17. Unpredictability

Nature photography is all about being in the right spot at the right time. Having the right camera gear can sometimes help, but more importantly you just got to be there for those magical moments with a camera in hand. As some of you know this takes quite a bit of dedication, I mean you need to be out there during the hours when most others are either still in bed or enjoying a meal, but heck I couldn't think of anything better.


18. Fisher Village_Palmeria


19. Zonnige dag in Italy plaat


20. Some Where

This photo was taken on March 22, 2008 using a Nikon D300.


21. November Dawn

First morning for a while where good early light and tides have coincided, so out with the camera....light didn't last long so only managed a few shots.


22. City Sunset-Panaroma


23. Toothed

Beautiful Sunshine Coast QLD Australia – do we need more words No HDR, single shot with some sharpening that's it.


24. Bremer Bay-Western Australia

Our annual Photography club weekend away was to Bremer Bay.  So much to see and photograph, two days was definitely not enough.  Was heading back this week, but got called in to work .


25. Caribbean Dreams

A nice sunset on a gorgeous coastline located in the remote Turks & Caicos Islands in the Caribbean.


26. Fairest Sunset


27. Never

photography is not about creating a copy of the world as one sees it through the eyes.I always try to involve my emotions to createaesthetically pleasing images.Long exposure settings and dramatic light conditions
help in achieving this goal_Alpercukur.


28. A Token For An Empress

A soulful sunrise and magical light.


29. Paint Chart


30. Dreamy Ocean

Beach Photograph Dreamy Ocean Photograph Seascape Photograph Print Reproduction of my Original Photograph Sunset on the beach, golden soft sand, turquoise blue sea and the sky turns a beautiful shade of orange and pinks!


31. Strom Chaser


32. The Green Mantle Of the Sea


33. Colorful Cornwall

The evening light intensifies the colors in this Cornish seascape.


34. Ballintoy-coast


35. Spring Arrival

The seasons are definitely changing here in Maine – the warmer temperatures and recent snow melt create intricate water paths in the sand at Reid State Park. The beach is pristine and new – ready to welcome another season of visitors this summer_Christopher o’ Donnell.


36. Where I Belong

This photo was taken on December 5, 2010 in Cortijada Los Amarguillos, Andalusia, ES, using a Nikon D300.


37. Durdle Sunset

Durdle Door is a natural geological formation along the Dorset coast, reachable by the coastal path near Lulworth Cove. This area is part of the world heritage area known as the Jurassic Coast, so named because of the exposures of folded Cretaceous and Jurassic strata.


38. Ruins of Kinbane

Kinbane, meaning ‘white headland’ is a little-known jewel in the North Coast of County Antrim which is landlocked by steep cliffs on all sides.


39. Ship Wrek Playground

Took this photo at St Kilda playground, just out of Adelaide.


40. Tilted Point

Alan Ranger is a passionate photographer who found that through a collection of tubes and boxes with the word Sony stamped on them he could express his creative vision by pointing them at objects, people, scapes and just about anything that showed the beauty of light and shade.


Sometimes, seascapes are boring but when captured creatively, it makes you want to go to such place.

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